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Welcome to our helpful and informative hint, tips and info blog.  You will find allsorts of useful advise and knowledge on our products and projects that you may get involved in in the garden.  If you've got a question you can't find the answer to just give us a call or drop us an email.

Deluxe Pine Nuggets

Pure Pine Deluxe Bark Nuggets 30-80mm

Our premium pine bark nuggets, these deluxe nuggets are a beautiful, high quality, chunky nugget of pure British pine bark, graded from 30mm to 80mm, they are 100% bark with the lowest content of fines and or white wood of any bark product on the market.

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How to Make an Equestrian Arena

While we understand that not everyone will ever need to know how to set up an equestrian arena, it’s nonetheless something that we’re occasionally asked about. Here’s our guide to making and filling an arena for you and your horses.

how to

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Mulching in the Vegetable Garden

Mulching Saves Water & Reduces Weeding!

When the sun is out & the weather is warm, the thoughts of gardeners turn to helping their plants to survive a potential drought! Brief showers are all very well, but don’t really provide enough moisture to help thirsty plants get through dry periods. And vegetables, especially cucurbites like courgettes, and other moisture-hungry plants won’t grow without plenty of moisture. So if you don’t water, you won’t get a decent crop. However, most of us are sensitive to the issue of using lots of water on the garden. So is there a more environmentally sound way of managing your vegetable growing without having to turn on the sprinkler every night?

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Woodchip vs Bark

So you have a job to do, and you know you need either bark or wood chip, but you’re not sure which one? Take a look at our quick guide to help you decide before you buy.

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What is Mulch

Mulch, at its simplest, is a layer of material around the base of plants, which may be either organic or inorganic. In this context, organic is not used in the Soil Association sense to mean ‘without chemicals’, it simply means made of carbon-based material such as wood chip, bark chippings or compost. Inorganic, then, means made from stone, glass or anything else not carbon-based. A mulch can be as simple as a layer of pretty stones or glass pebbles on the top of a flower pot, around the base of the plant it contains, or as complicated as covering all the exposed ground around all the shrubs in your garden with bark chippings.

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How to Create a Play Area

Building a play area for your children requires a bit of planning and thought, there are several matters to consider with regards to location, type of surfacing etc etc, Here are some useful tips.

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LAMMA Show Woodchip - AGCO

We supply alot of woodchip for use at festivals and events throughout the country, from just a few m3 to 10,000 m3 depending on the project and customer requirement.

Our latest project was for the LAMMA Show - The UK's Leading Farm Machinery and Equipment Show the show was held in January at Peterborough show ground.

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