Why use Equestrian Silica Sand?

Equestrian Silica Sand is renowned for its 'sub-angular grains', which promotes drainage and improved compaction, making it the perfect choice for equestrian arenas.

Silica Sands main attraction

These sub-angular grains, lock together to improve firmness, whilst providing a comfortable and cushioned feel for those navigating their way across the surface. This sand works in harmony with our Equestrian Carpet Wood Fibre

Beware: Stay away from Cheap Products.

Some cheaper arenas are using Sand that has an entirely rounded grain. This isn't good.. here's why: the sand will be easily compacted, causing your horse to ride too deep, potentially causing an injury - alongside this, the poorer quality arena surface is prone to waterlog and lead to surface failure. We ask for your horses sake, avoid these types of arena surfaces.

Water Your Sand!

All sands will perform better with moisture and will ride deep when dry. Whilst not common in the the UK, if we have a prolonged dry spell, we recommended adding water to your sand. This will improve firmness, and the performance of the sand.

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