High Performance Equestrian Surfaces for Gallops, Ménages & Arenas.

Soft, All Weather, Eco-Friendly & Low Maintenance

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'The safest type of surface for your Horse'

When mixed with Silicia Sand, Equestrian Carpet fibre replicates the feeling of turf. The safest type of surface for your horse.

Quick test: If you have a sample of Carpet Fibres, squeeze them in a ball. Tight. Ok, now release your grip. See that? The carpet fibres spring back to their original position. Now imagine your horse riding on top of that - each stride, met with a cushioning fibre, ready to spring back.


  • Our Carpet Fibres performs well in all weather surfaces, in all disciplines and even improves drainage.

  • It has a longer life time than traditional, expensive equestrian wood fibre.

  • Equestrian Carpet Fibres main attraction is that it's incredibly soft.  Giving you and your horse a smooth, cushioned ride.

  • Alongside this, Carpet Fibres are incredibly low maintenace.

"Just Add Sand!"

Sand plays a vital role in creating a safe arena for your horse. As a natural shock absorber, Silicia Sand improves stability by providing a firm surface for your horse to glide over. Call us and receive a free quote.

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Recycling; a step forward.

We are pushing towards a more environmentally-friendly solution to fulfilling both small & large arenas.

With huge Carpet manufacturers choosing to recycle their stock, we are filling more arenas than ever!

A Sand arena, is a bad arena.

Using just Sand in your arena is a cheaper fix, however there's issues with using it alone - here's the main ones:

  • Sand alone rides deep, a potential injury causer for your Horse. 
  • Gets dusty (like a beach) - not ideal for working in your Horse.
What can you do?

Reduce strain and risk of injury & use our carpet fibres.

Better Performance, Secure Footing, Perfect for indoor & outdoor arenas...

And so on and so forth. We don't want to bore you with the (admittedly) boring, long list of advantages of using Equestrian Carpet Fibres. If you're even considering the idea, simply get in touch - a painless 2 minute phone call can give your horse the riding surface it deserves.

How to install Equestrian Carpet Fibres

We've told you all about it - even why it's so good - but how do you install the carpet fibres?

The process is simple (as it should be), so we have created an easy-to-read, no nonsense guide. Click the button below to read how. 

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