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Play Bark 8-40mm

Economy Playground Bark 8-40mm


This is our budget or economy play bark, made from and mix of conifer barks (mainly pine) and 100% natural.  This bark is suitable for use on all play areas, a great value play certified bark.

It has a size range of 8 to 40mm with up to 10% white wood content and a potential fines content of less than 5%.  This play bark is a mid brown in colour, durable and long lasting providing a clean and safe play surface.

This bark is free from weeds, pathogens and pests and is 100% natural, with no stones, plastics or other foreign matter content. 

Technical Specification

Conforms to BS EN 1176 having been tested under the BS EN 1177 process. Critical fall height of 1.3 metres at an application depth of 100mm and over 3 metres at an application depth of 300mm.

Availability - This products is available in Bulk Loads of up to 90m3 and in pallets of 80 ltr bags.

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