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Landscaping Bark Mulch

Bark Suppliers offers a comprehensive range of quality landscaping bark and woodchip mulch products.  Our Landscaping bark range is used by landscapers and local authority contractors throughout the country as well as gardeners. 

We are sure you will find a bark mulch product to suit your project requirements and budget in our range of products.  All our bark grades are available in bulk loads upto 90m3 and in 1m3 bulk bags for smaller jobs.

  • Amenity Mulch - 1-40mm blend of wood chip and organic materials
  • Commercial Bark - 0-60mm economy mulch
  • Wood chip in various grades
  • Contract Mulch (10-50mm) blend of pine and spruce bark.
  • Contract Ornametal Bark (8-35mm)
  • Decorative Ornamental Bark (12-30mm) - a quality smaller pine & spruce bark.
  • Large Ornamental 30-60mm Pine & Spruce Bark
  • Pine Ornamnetal -20-40mm 

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amenity-mulch-2-1Commecial Bark 0-50mm

This is our contract grade mulch for use on large scale landscaping projects where value for money is the prime factor. It is a mix of spruce bark and composted wood fraction.

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COMMERCIAL-BARK-SQ1Medium Mulch 10-65mm

This is a medium to large grade mulch made from a blend of pine and spruce bark, perfect for larger commercial landscaping projects!

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CONTRACT-ORNAMENTAL-SQContract Ornamental 8-35mm

This is a blend of spruce bark and composted woody fraction, an ornamental bark at an economy price!

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awj-decortaive-ornamental-sqDecorative Ornamental Mulch

This is a higher quality decorative mulch suitable for use where looks and appearance matter more.  A beautiful blend of pine bark varieties with very litte white wood.

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medium ornamentalMedium Ornamental Mulch 

This is a coarser grade contract mulch, perfect for use where a long lasting product is required on a contract scale project.

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Pine Ornamental 5-35mm

This is a very attractive 100% pine bark suited to use where appearance and durability are the important factors.

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Premium Ornamental

This is our finest spruce bark product, graded 15-65mm this is a very durable and very attractive product, ideally suited to jobs where a top quality finish is required.

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