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Bark Suppliers 

UK's Leading suppliers of mulches, play area & equestrian bark & woodchip.

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Garden Bark Chippings

Welcome to Bark Suppliers, leading suppliers of quality garden and landscaping bark chippings and other bark & woodchip products, we specialise in supplying play area bark & garden bark chippings to gardeners, landscapers and trade suppliers throughout the UK, from bark mulch to premium pine nuggets.  

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About Bark Products

Bark is 100% natural and makes the perfect garden mulch reducing water evaporation from flowerbeds, increasing soil temperature and preventing weed growth (more about mulching), as well as producing excellent impact absorption play area surfaces. Our bark products are sourced from sustainable resources and help to utilise 100% of the harvested tree.

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Delivery - We can usually deliver next day any where in the country in bags and bulk bags and as well as bark products we also offer a range of other garden and landscape supplies.