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How is Equestrian Carpet Fibre delivered?

What Vehicle is used to deliver Equestrian Carpet Fibre Bales?

We deliver our carpet fibre bales using an Artic (walking floor)

How Large is an Artic Walking Floor?


For reference, the Trailer Length is 13.60m, with a Overall Width of 2.8m & a Overall Height of 4.5m

How are Carpet Fibre Bales Offloaded?

As we use Artic Walking Floors, the Carpet Fibre Bales will simply roll off the back.

Can they be moved?

Whilst heavy (around 600kg a bale), they are round in shape, so they can be rolled to the delivery point. The delivery drivers are contracted to deliver the goods to the location they deem the safest, they're not obligated to move the bales once delivered.

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